Fifteenth Release 28.09.2014: CD
  • Fifteenth Release 28.09.2014: CD
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Contains Exclusive album Love To Roam + 12 page booklet and also Death of Six By Seven album - Summertime Blues for free. Also includes newsletter and all are signed and numbered personally to you.

Love To Roam

  1. No Shit Sherlock
  2. Shakedown
  3. Nothing Left To Fear
  4. The Ice Breaks
  5. Love To Roam
  6. Stones
  7. Richard Todd Takes Pegasus Bridge
  8. I See You, You See Me
  9. Occupied France 10 March Of The Ides

The Death Of Six By Seven Summertime blues

  1. Flying high blues
  2. Cocaine Blues
  3. Getting Harder Blues
  4. Without You Blues
  5. Nothing Left Inside Blues
  6. Ignorance And Bliss
  7. End Of Summer Blues
  8. Empty Headed Blues
  9. How Long Blues
  10. Summertime Blues
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