Fifth Release 31.10.13
  • Fifth Release 31.10.13
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Handmade card, signed and numbered with personally dedicated envelope (please indicate if you would like a different name to the paypal address name) and vinyl style CD on RCA Victor Label.


  1. Bloodshot Romeo
  2. Standing In The Shadow
  3. Rescue Your Frown
  4. Hang Your Head
  5. (It Just Takes) Two Of Us
  6. Give It Time


  1. Failing Light2. Age Old Purpose
  2. Spin Me Back Down
  3. The Elastic Retreat
  4. Casting Shadows
  5. I Can't Make You Think
  6. Words Are A Whisper
  7. The Big Sink
  8. The House Is Far
  9. These Animals
  10. Sit This One Out

six by seven - Student Radio Sessions 2000 - 2002 DOWNLOAD ONLY

  1. Ten Places To Die
  2. Don't Wanna Stop
  3. Slab Square
  4. Eat Junk Become Junk
  5. Sawn Off Metallica T-Shirt
  6. The Way I Feel Today
  7. Speed Is In Speed Is Out
  8. Flypaper For Freaks
  9. Cafeteria Rats
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