Ninth Release 30.03.2014
  • Ninth Release 30.03.2014
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It's a more like an album this month, 11 brand new brilliant tracks at 50 minutes in length. Also includes an extra compilation CD and chapter 4 of my book (5000 words), a copy of a letter from Iron Maiden from 1980 and colour photographs. All handmade, signed and numbered on retro vinyl CD.

  1. Another Life
  2. Stay Beautiful, Stay Young
  3. Alles Ist So Gut
  4. Escape
  5. Old Shoes And A New Name
  6. Heute Ist Heute
  7. Escape II
  8. I Am Happy
  9. Another Wave (Comes Over Me)
  10. I Don't Want To Sleep With You
  11. Wanker
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