I would like to list a very few Malayalam Movies which acclaimed national attention,

1. CHEMEEN – This is the first movie which acclaimed the National Award for Best Movie. This states a tragic love story happening among a fishermen community.

2. NIRMALYAM – This one has also won National Award for Best Movie. This one tells the story of a Temple Priest who devotes his life for the diety but later spits at the idol due to his tragic incidents in life. Watch latest telugu movies here.

3. PIRAVI – This is another art movie winning Best National Movie Award. This one narrates the story of a aged Father, in search of his son who went for studies. This movie is based on a real life incident, Rajan, a college student who was allegedly killed in police torture for protesting against the State of Emergency declared during that time.

4. DESHADANAM – Another movie winning National Award, narrates the story of a family, where they are forced to leave their only child to become an ascetic.

5. KADHAPURUSHAN – Another National Award winning movie about the life of a youth, born in a wealthy village family, becomes a naxalite attracted towards communism, arrested and tortured by police, and his life during the State of Emergency.

6. BHARATHAM – This is the first movie wins Mohanlal a National Award for Best Actor. Tells the relationship between two brothers, later one dies in an accident.

7. PONTHANMADA – Mammootty acclaimed the National Award for Best Actor through this movie. It is the story of an illiterate villager who turns as a helper to the British Landlord.

8. VARAVELPU – The story of a NRI spends his youth abroad to pay off the family debt. Later with his savings, unsuccessfully tries to settle down in his native due to the attitude of the lobourers and trade unions. In the climax he is leaving to abroad to earn his living.

9. MITHUNAM – It narrates the story of a young entrepreneur who passes through the bureaucracy, corruption, unfriendly industrial laws, etc.

10. VIDHEYAN – This movie acclaimed the National Award for Best Movie. Also Mammootty received the National Best Actor Award.

11. KAALAPANI – Internationally Acclaimed movie, won National Award for Best Movie and Actor. This movie set during the Indian Freedom Fight, narrates the hardships of the prisoners in Kaalapani or the Cellular Jail of Andaman & Nicobar.

12. GURU – This movie depicts the blindness of people who are involved in Communal Riots. This movie was internationally acclaimed.

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